Black spot - flaps down

Authentic : Matches the dimensions of the Longchamp Pliage.
Fake : Handles are too short and size of the bags are smaller or larger than what it should be.

The biggest giveaway on the bottle itself is the thick base and (relatively) rougher construction. Again, without a real bottle to compare to, you wouldn’t know but it’s so obvious when you see it. Remember, Chanel is all about sophistication and delicacy, not chunky bottles and dubious printing.

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I bought this a little feeling a little questionable I was afraid of getting drone and of the overall quality but after recieveing it I felt more relieved it took myself and a coworker about 45 minutes ... to install with the longest part being the removal of the stock exhaust. But not too difficult you will need to cut preexisting pipe from the catalytic converter and have the truck on jacks to get the stock exhaust out from under the truck but other than that super easy to install and the sound is awesome both start up and driving it's given me a new love for my truck than I already had and for the price you can't beat it. Read More Helpful ( 4 ) Thanks for your input!

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Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper w/ LED Light Bar, Fog and Spot Lights is an outstanding addition with my Rigid Grill. As a novice, it took me a bit longer than it would for most, but the end result definitely ... looks great. I did do this alone which probably accounts for some of the increase in time. I attempted to use my stock fog light wires, but that didn't work (although I've read that it should). The lights did come with three separate wiring harnesses allowing for individual control of each set of lights. I recommend this product! Read More Helpful ( 2 ) Thanks for your input!

Black Spot - Flaps DownBlack Spot - Flaps DownBlack Spot - Flaps DownBlack Spot - Flaps Down