Cowbell - hanging by a thread

Chick Corea and his group Return To Forever occasionally used the bell tree (. album Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy ) , as has the group Santana . Isaac Howie has sometimes used the bell tree in his compositions .

The floor tom was popularized by Gene Krupa in the 1950s, using a 16x16. At first he placed it between his two bass drums , on the far side of his snare drum , but quickly moved it to its now traditional position to the right of his right leg. The floor tom is also used as a small bass drum by some (mostly jazz) drummers. In that case it is mounted horizontally on a specially designed rack system. More recently, companies such as Pearl have come out with "floor tom to bass drum conversion sets". These commonly consist of strategically shaped rods that one can put in place of the floor tom legs in order to stand it up horizontally. Under this method, it is fairly common that a drummer get appropriately sized bass drum hoops to complete the conversion process.

Cowbell - Hanging By A ThreadCowbell - Hanging By A ThreadCowbell - Hanging By A ThreadCowbell - Hanging By A Thread